Human Rights & Inclusion Resources

The Ontario Human RightsCode (Code), enacted in 1962 “protects people in Ontario against discrimination in employment, accommodation, goods, services and facilities, and membership in vocational associations and trade unions” (Ontario Human Rights Commission). The resources below provide information about rights and responsibilities based on the Code.

Gender and Sexuality

Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation
Learn what is Sexual Orientation and discrimination based on Sexual Orientation.
Gender Identity
Defining Gender Identity and other identities within Gender spectrum.
Pregnancy & Breastfeeding
Pregnancy and Breastfeeding: Your rights and responsibilities.
Preventing and Responding to Sexual Harassment in the Classroom
Preventing & Responding to Sexual Harassment in the Classroom.
Sexual Harassment
Information on sexual harassment and what you can do.
Sexual harassment in education
Ontario Human Rights Commission's brochure on Sexual harassment in education.
Sexual harassment in employment
Ontario Human Rights Commission's Policy on Preventing Sexual harassment in employment.
All Gender Washrooms
Know where to locate All-Gender washrooms at Humber College.
Gender Expression
Learn more about Gender Expression.
Understanding Gender Identity
Inclusive Language: Sexual Orientation
Recommended guidelines and tips when referring to different sexual orientations.
Inclusive Language: Sex and Gender Identity
Learn to use inclusive language in discussions or written content when referring to sex and/or gender identity.
The Centre for Human Rights, Equity, Inclusion and Diversity's brochure on Stalking and where to get support.
Policies on Preventing Sexual and Gender-based Harassment
Know the policy on preventing sexual harassment and gender-based harassment.
Gender Inclusion Questions in Surveys
Quick facts and tips on how you can make application forms more gender inclusive.

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